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On-going research at the Transport Lab

Latest activity from the Transport Lab

Where is the happy transit rider? Evaluating satisfaction with regional rail service using a spatial segmentation approach

Photo by Mehrshad Rajabi on Unsplash Abstract Public transit agencies are delivering transport services in a rapidly changing and highly competitive transportation market. Ensuring rider’s satisfaction in such an environment has led several [...]

Elevating access: Comparing accessibility to jobs by public transport for individuals with and without a physical disability

Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash Equal access to opportunities has emerged in public transport planning as a social objective that many transport agencies are trying to achieve. Yet in practice, not all [...]

Get on board: Assessing an all-door boarding pilot project in Montreal, Canada

Photo from Abstract Transit agencies often focus on developing strategies aimed at reducing travel time to increase passengers’ satisfaction. One strategy used by transit agencies to reduce passenger activity time, and accordingly [...]

When I’m 64 – Assessing Generational Differences in Public Transit Use of Seniors in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Photo by Launde Morel on Unsplash Abstract The growth rate of adults older than 65 in Canada is increasing more rapidly than the population as a whole. This increase is reflective of the [...]

Identifying the Bias Evaluating Effectiveness of Automatic Data Collection Methods in Estimating Details of Bus Dwell Time

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash Abstract Data from automated vehicle location (AVL) systems, automatic passenger counter (APC) systems, and fare box payments have been heavily used to generate dwell time models [...]

Evaluating the relationship between socially (dis)advantaged neighbourhoods and customer satisfaction of bus service in London, U.K.

Photo by Lawless Capture on Unsplash Abstract Affordable and efficient urban public transport is important for the development of a sustainable urban environment. Making sure public transport users are satisfied with the service [...]

Assessing operation and customer perception characteristics of high frequency local and limited-stop bus service in Vancouver, Canada

Photo by Dhruv on Unsplash Abstract Public transport agencies implement different strategies aimed at improving transit service operation and to improve satisfaction among its riders. One service strategy employed by transit agencies is [...]

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